Welcome Back!

Life keeps getting more and more interesting as I age. This past period has opened up doors I never would have imagined 30 years ago. This year has offered me the chance to stand before hundreds of people all around the world.

Palliative Care groups have knocked at my door - Nova Scotia, PEI and the most interesting was an invitation by the very generous outreach work of Superior Medical in Toronto to address the physicians and the civic leaders in the city of Nakuru in Kenya to help establish a hospice there.

Saskatchewan in January. The Canadian Cancer Society asked me to help launch their new daffodil campaign in nine communities throughout the province. I created a new presentation on coming through the uncertainty and pain associated with cancer called, "First Winter; Then Spring". It was wonderful to meet the people of that great province. IN JANUARY!!!

I have also worked with several groups of family doctors and had other sessions with Family Health Teams in Ontario and plan to do more of that in the coming months.

There were several sessions on "grief recovery" presented to various groups in Canada this year - The Bereavement Network of Ontario, The Bereavement Conference of Canada. Sessions for the Alzheimers' Assoc., the Institute on Addiction Studies and the list goes on... even the Horticultural Society in Stratford where we talked about seasons of growth and recovery.

I was delighted to be asked to be on the "preferred speaker list" of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation. I spent a day with 700 of their support staff - psychologists, social workers, etc. in Toronto. Also I presented to teachers' groups in Kingston, Newmarket, Ottawa and others. I have also been invited to address retired teachers throughout the province of Ontario. And Probus keeps knocking at my door.

I was invited, once again, to co-conduct a group of Canadian singers for a week in Rome and another in Venice. A two week trip to Turkey topped up that delightful experience!

A new venture has started for me through the DeVry University. I addressed 400 nursing faculty from the Chamberlain College from across the USA in St Louis in the fall. That allowed me to visit my old Dominican friends at the Dominican Faculty of Theology in that city. What a great reunion.

Once again we had a smashing success at the annual LOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES fund raising concert for which I act as the artistic director. With the help of the students and faculty of the Ryerson Theatre School and my musician friends, we pulled in a lot of money and good energy at St James Cathedral. Roger Honeywell, Juan Chioran, Krisztina Szabo, Billy Newton-Davis, Jade Trio, Julie Michels, Heather Bambrick and Diane Leah (Broadsway), Pam Gerrand, Dion Kellezi and Tim Elia. What a night! www.loftcs.org

New books - one on how to die well, another on the topic of facing fear and there is always an autobiography on the go. There should be a new River Ash type piano improv album soon as there are more and more requests from that. River Ash is still very popular - especially in palliative care.

Life in Stratford is great. We have the best theatre company on the continent. www.stratfordfestival.ca Also, our retreat in Grey County is a place for reflection and peace and gathering. We have been hosting groups there for discussion, growth and private retreats.

Stay tuned. It just keeps getting better and better.
Thank you all.seperator up arrow